Top Exam Tips for the Night Before and Exam Day


Are you tired of revision guides telling you to eat health foods, sleep and make revision plans? But, Bright Network skips all that so here are the eight tips that will help you win and take the test ready to be successful.

Best tips to prepare yourself for the exam

1. Take advantage of your time wisely

The brief time you have before you close the lights are an excellent time to remember information. Learn before you go to sleep greatly enhances memory retension . So when you’re tucked up in bed and you’re asleep, take a short read through the most vital information, equations, or words. Then switch off.

2. Enjoy a great meal

It is important to prepare a healthy dinner. Don’t suggest “brain food” such as nuts or oily fish, but a meal you’d consider if you were celebrating and you were looking to pamper yourself for a while, such as steak or chocolate tart. It’ll leave you feeling happy and give you a boost up for the following day.

3. Enjoy the laughter

Do one fun thing like watching a comedy playing around or fiddling around with photos on instagram. It can relax you, decrease stress and help you get a good night’s rest.

4. Make sure you wake up

You can set an alarm. Set two. You can ask a family member friend to check you’re up in case you’re still nervous. It’s important to ensure you make it to the test in plenty of time.

5. Know when to stop

In the morning, eat the perfect breakfast and then examine your most important facts before leaving the home.At site from Our Articles On the way to the exam. If you’re at the examination hall, you must don’t think about it. If you don’t know your stuff before now, you aren’t going to! Last minute cramming minutes prior, can send your brain into a spin.

6. Make use of the space

In the exam room, sit comfortably and spread out. It’s been demonstrated that when we physically expand our bodies, either by spreading out our arms or leaning forward on the chair, this releases hormones which makes you more confident. It’s a fact – we’re positive.

7. Don’t drink too much

Drinking too much water is not recommended taking a sip each hour is all you require. The lack of water isn’t going to cause problems during the examination, however drinking a lot of cups of water and needing a bathroom break in every five minutes. The drink is only for an easy distraction to clear your brain and hand a breather.

8. Choose what is most effective for you.

Then, everybody is different. Some prefer to be at their own during exam time, while others blast motivational music on their earphones. Maybe you’re someone who likes to sport their most luxurious high-heeled shoes to increase their your chance to succeed. Do whatever puts you in the most positive condition of mind, and you’ll set yourself up perfectly to ace the exam.