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Each quarter a futures investor receives an inevitable call from the broker who offers to roll the customer into the new futures period for a special reduced rate. To those who do not know the short term money rates and the relevant gold lease rates – or how to convert them into the correct differential for the two contracts – the price is fairly arbitrary and not always very competitive. You will notice that so long as dollar interest rates are higher than gold lease rates then – because of this arithmetic – the futures price will be above the spot price. There’s a special word for this which is that the futures are in ‘contango’.

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One does not have the gold in their possession until they take delivery and even then the gold will likely be held in a depository until it is transferred to the location of their choice. Most futures contracts are never delivered upon, and gold and silver are no exception. When looking to buy physical gold, there are easier ways to purchase physical metal. The harsh fact of life is that if investors are being whip-lashed by the regular volatility which appears at the death of a futures contract many of them will cut their losses.

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It has ample liquidity, with daily trades of roughly 15,000 contracts translating to a Rupee value of over 4500 Crore. Note, these numbers belong to just one type of Gold contract, often nicknamed “Big Gold”. Now you can see how futures provide leverage, sometimes known as gearing. Daily Limit- the maximum gain or loss that the commodity is permitted to reach for a given trading session.

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They could allow the free market to sort its way out, or follow the Japanese strategy of MMT and wreck the free market. Now they are stuck with constantly micro-managing and manipulating the economy with low interest rates and money printing . See what a stock exchange is and how trading is done using a stock exchange. A Margin Account is a type of account that is used for trading securities. The broker of the financial security loans some percentage of money to the holder of the account for carrying out the trading activities. The traders in this market are usually either hedgers or speculators.


It should be noted that the broker gets commission too, and what’s more the broker benefits by being able to control his risk better if he can shut down customers’ problem positions unilaterally. Brokers in general would prefer to stop loss than to be open on risk for a margin call for 24 hours. The theory of a stop loss seems reasonable, but the practice can be painful. The problem is that just as trading in this way can prevent a big loss it can also make the investor susceptible to large numbers of smaller and unnecessary losses which are even more damaging in the long term.

Indeed many investors fear financial meltdown occurring as a result of the over-extended global credit base – a significant part of which is derivatives. As a futures contract ends – usually every quarter – an investor who wants to keep the position open must re-contract in the new period by ‘rolling-over’. This ‘roll-over’ has a marked psychological effect on most investors. Big professional traders invent the contractual terms of their futures trading on an ad-hoc basis and trade directly with each other. But the same 10% fall will cost you $10,000 with futures, which is $5,000 more than you invested in the first place.

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What causes necessity is only one thing, systemic, which drives fear. I call this the fear trade, and it is the only thing that will take gold to $2500 and beyond. This tactic, known as ‘quote stuffing’, only works if you can place orders that are large enough to effectively force prices up or down.

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Moreover, it’s possible to contract long and short, with brokers leveraging support under specific rules and conditions. The latter crucially limits the damage from disastrous price volatility, otherwise allowed to roam free with no floors or tops. As a buyer, you agree to take delivery of a predetermined amount of gold on a set date. But investors who buy gold futures typically sell them before the expiration date.

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We provide the metal community with trusted global reference prices and a market of last resort. In this paper we look at how conventional gold holdings stack up to Monetary Metals Investments, which offer a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. We compare retail coins, vault storage, the popular ETF – GLD, and mining stocks against Monetary Metals’ True Gold Leases. This chart shows a continuous basis and cobasis against the US dollar’s price in milligrams of gold. Find the one-month holding-period return if the initial margin on the contract is $10,000. One year has passed and Ytel’s common equity price has increased to $51 per share.

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Speculators, on the other hand, do not aim to minimize risk. In fact, they embrace risk and try to profit from anticipated movements in price. For example, an investor who thinks gold prices are bound to rise will go long gold futures; one who foresees a price drop will sell short. This is where the big money is made and lost, but it’s an extremely risky game to play. The solitary speculator is usually going up against hedges put on by huge financial institutions with the resources to better understand the markets and even to turn many transactions in their favor. In addition, the big banks themselves may also be speculators.

  • The firm is not able to change its target market each and every time the euro loses strength.
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  • Brokers will, under a separate agreement, arrange to hold investors’ physical gold if they use futures to take possession.

(A silver futures contract is for the purchase or sale of 5,000 troy ounces of 99.9% minimum fine silver.) If gold is trading at, say, $1,350 per ounce, then a buyer would have to agree to a futures contract valued at $135,000. Traders can invest in gold futures through the CME and NYMEX. In order to invest in gold futures, you must buy a gold futures contract. The easiest way to go about buying a gold futures contract is using an experienced Senior Market Strategist. Gold futures contracts are large, each contract gives you leverage over 100 troy ounces of gold, and therefore have a lot of capital risk.

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Trading futures contracts is done with a performance margin, which requires considerably less capital than the physical market. The leverage provides speculators with a higher risk/higher return investment profile. Another risk is that, in case of serious shortage of gold/silver, or in case of serious financial crises, futures trading can be limited by the regulating authorities. This may mean that one will not be able to open/close their positions in futures as they desire, and trapped in the position, they may see their profits evaporate or their losses soar.

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Gold is produced from mines on every continent apart from Antarctica, where mining is forbidden. Because gold is virtually indestructible, much of the gold that has ever been mined still exists in one form or another. The largest producer of gold in the U.S. by far is the state of Nevada, with Alaska and California running a distant second and third. The tick size is $0.001 per ounce, which equates to $5 per big contract and $1 for the mini contract. Learn more about futures and the unique advantages of futures trading.

  • Contract SpecificationsContract CodeFGLDUnderlying InstrumentGold assayed to a minimum of 995 fineness or such other technical specification of gold underlying LBMA Gold Price AM.
  • You will find this in almost any material on the Commodity market.
  • In addition, if one is buying gold or silver for the long-term, they should be prepared for and accept any declines in prices that may occur.
  • This flexibility provides hedgers with an ability to protect their physical positions and for speculators to take positions based on market expectations.
  • 100Expiry Date5th day of the contract monthDelivery LogicCompulsoryDelivery Unit1 kilogramLet me discuss these details in the same sequential order so that it becomes easy for you to understand the subsequent contracts.

Gold futures offer a far more liquid and efficient marketplace than the physical gold market for taking positions in gold. Central banks and the International Monetary Fund play an important role in the gold price, as do global events and the price of oil futures and the U.S. dollar. Significant economic reports from around the world also impact the price of gold futures, such as quarterly GDP reports, Import/Export data, and in the U.S., monthly Employment Reports. Gold futures are considered a flight-to-quality investment, much like oil. We believe that physical gold or silver ownership is a long term investment and should be treated accordingly.