Compare Zendesk vs Intercom for Ecomm Businesses

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zendesk vs intercom

Users can use the information you are providing or turn to a community forum for answers. One of the weakest points of intercom is that the design is not responsive, therefore accessing the service from mobile devices could be improved. Although Intercom’s plans are more expensive than Zendsk’s, the platform is also simple to use and very responsive. Intercom is a better fit if you use a lot of third-party apps for collaboration, marketing, and project management.

zendesk vs intercom

Set triggers to target particular audiences at the right time, utilize carousels as part of a communication campaign, and compare carousels with A/B testing. The debate rages between WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce for best ecomm platform — we’ll help you find the best one for you. To help explore these gaps, we decided to check out the reviews of both Zendesk and Intercom and get a sense of where the complaints pointed. Sure, you can have a front desk—but you don’t necessarily have to plunk down the cost it would take to buy that desk, train an employee, and add them to your payroll. Groove has put together an informative review of both brands to highlight the similarities and differences to allow you to make the right choice. Whether it’s getting set up or figuring out the best way to customize meetings for your needs, there are over 85,000 community members willing to  help.


Zendesk for Service and Zendesk for Sales are sold as two separate solutions, each with three pricing plans, or tiers. Inside a ticket, the workspace center console displays the ticket’s conversation. The right side of the screen displays all customer contact information and company interaction history, and the agent can contact the customer via any channel with just a few clicks.

  • Intercom offers an easy way to nurture your qualified leads (prospects) into customers with Intercom Series.
  • It allows companies to interact with customers while they’re active in the app, delivering information based on time or behavior.
  • Intercom offers call center features for your business via add-ons.
  • Basically, if you have a complicated customer support process, go with Zendesk for its help desk functionality.
  • As a leading cloud-based help desk software, Zendesk is home to many popular businesses such as Siemens, Mailchimp, Tesco, GrubHub, and more.
  • Their agent was always trying to convert me into a lead along the way, but heck, that’s a side effect of our job.

The Zendesk Sell plan has the features you need to turn your website visitors into paying customers. It has live chat with AI Chatbot Integrations to help you answer visitors’ questions and pitch your services to them. It’s hard to give premium customer support manually, that’s what customer support software like Zendesk or Intercom does for you. They also do way more than customer support, you can use them for team collaboration, project management, marketing, and sales. They have a nice implementation of live chat in their product as well, it’s actually thoughtful (and further customer-focused).

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Use HubSpot to deepen your relationship with your customers, elevate their voice, and provide a best-in-class experience. Search our comprehensive Knowledge Base to answer any question you might have about our products. HubSpot’s Solution Partner Program is a network of over a thousand agencies to help you resource your marketing strategy with HubSpot. Whether you need someone to help create content, set up ads, or build workflows, there’s a partner here for you. Some of the links that appear on the website are from software companies from which receives compensation.

zendesk vs intercom

Intercom uses integrations to boost their chat functionality with even more features. Considering the degree of advanced and customizable functionality, chatbots are surprisingly easy to create with Intercom’s code-free, visual, drag-and-drop builder. You can also easily schedule times of day when customers can view and interact with different chatbots.

Intercom Tag to Submit New Zendesk Ticket

With both tools, you can also use support bots to automatically suggest specific articles, track customers’ ratings, and localize help center content to serve your customers in their native language. Intercom recently ramped up its features to include helpdesk and ticketing functionality. Zendesk, on the other hand, started as a ticketing tool, and therefore has one of the market’s best help desk and ticket management features. A complete set of customer service management offerings to help you create human relationships with your customers. Integrations are the best way to enhance the toolkit of your apps by connecting them for interoperable actions and features.

  • Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers.
  • Zendesk’s Help Center and Intercom’s Articles both offer features to easily embed help centers into your website or product using their web widgets, SDKs, and APIs.
  • Before you jump to any conclusions, we suggest you take a free trial to get a better look and feel of the product.
  • There are two options there — Professional for $109 or Enterprise for $179 if you pay monthly.
  • This platform acts as a help desk tool capable of receiving and managing client requests from various channels.
  • The Intercom vs. Zendesk pricing may be justified by the value-added services and minor features that they have for their all-in-one pricing.

These plans are not inclusive of the add-ons or access to all integrations. Once you add them all to the picture, their existing plans can turn out to be quite expensive. Zendesk also offers proactive chat functionality to its user base. It enables them to engage with visitors who are genuinely interested in their services. You get to engage with them further and get to know more about their expectations.

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They can get the context of the customer’s questions and transfer questions from Chatbox into Message. They do have a ton of similarities, but recognizing the differences may help you to make the crucial decision about which one to use for your business. For freelancers and enterprises, Zendesk is likely to be a better fit.

There is a simple email integration tool for whatever email provider you regularly use. This gets you unlimited email addresses and email templates in both text form and HTML. There is automatic email archiving and incoming email authentication. Intercom has a full suite of email marketing tools, although they are part of a pricier package.

Intercom and Zendesk Integration

This means the company is still working out some kinks and operating with limited capabilities. Track customer service metrics to gain valuable insights and improve customer service processes and agent performance. Prioritize the agent experience to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing employee turnover. Test any of HelpCrunch pricing plans for free for 14 days and see our tools in action right away.

What is the difference between paging and Intercom?

Paging systems commonly divide or separate buildings or areas into a number of regions, zones, or addressable coverage areas. An Intercom is a system that allows people to communicate point-to-point between different rooms.

Founded in 2007, Zendesk started off as a ticketing tool for customer support teams. It was later when they started adding all kinds of other tools like when they bought out Zopim live chat and just integrated it with their toolset. Intercom also offers a few features that are unique to its platform – one of these being the ability to segment users based on their behavior. This means that you can send targeted messages to different groups of users based on how they interact with your product.

Is Zendesk a VoIP?

Investing in Zendesk for your customer support is the quickest way to provide productive call center VoIP.