B1513-1ml Toremifene Citrate 89778-27-8


B1513-1ml Toremifene Citrate 89778-27-8

About 10% of the administered dose is eliminated via urine as metabolites. Owing to the slow elimination, steady-state concentrations in serum are reached http://27inarow.com/uk-greatanabolicsteroids-com-somatropin-steroids-5/ in 4 to 6 weeks. A few cases of hypercalcaemia have been reported in patients with bone metastases at the beginning of toremifene treatment.

  • It has similar anti-estrogenic, albeit weaker anti-tumour activity than the parent compound.
  • Drugs which decrease renal calcium excretion, e.g. thiazide diuretics, may increase the risk of hypercalcaemia.
  • In repeated toxicity studies the cause of death in rats is gastric dilatation.
  • This makes the body think that estrogen levels are up to par and stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis or the HPTA, for short, to kick in and start producing testosterone again.

Its steady-state concentrations are about twice compared to those of the parent compound. It has similar anti-estrogenic, albeit weaker anti-tumour activity than the parent compound. Vertigo, headache and dizziness were observed in healthy volunteer studies at daily dose of 680 mg. The dose-related QTc interval prolongation potential of Fareston should also be taken into account in cases of overdose. According to seasoned anabolic steroid users, a daily dose of 120 milligrams of Toremifene Citrate should be taken for the first week of post cycle therapy. For the remaining third and fourth week of PCT, 60 milligrams of Torem should be administered.

A Guide to Toremifene Citrate for PCT

Interestingly, there are no special considerations to keep an eye on when using Toremifene Citrate. You can take it before, during, or following meals and can be administered either during the morning or evening. It is also to be noted that the Cmax observed in the monkeys (1800 ng/ml) is two-fold compared to the mean Cmax observed in humans at a daily dose of 60 mg.


Patients with a history of severe thromboembolic disease should generally not be treated with toremifene (see also section 4.8). Toremifene should not be used concurrently with other drugs that prolong the QT interval (see also section 4.5). Yes, I would like to receive updates about products & services, promotions, special offers, news & events from Powersupps UK.

The term “half-life” simply means the duration when it gets eliminated from the bloodstream. Scientific studies show that the half-life of Toremifene Citrate is approximately 5 days, which is similar to other PCT drugs like Nolvadex and Clomid. The brand name Fareston was first patented by the Finnish company, Orion Corporation, and got the green light to be marketed as a cancer treatment sometime in the mid-1990’s.